Keeping track of important health information for yourself and your family is now easier with MyQuickApp. Through MyQuickApp, you can access your enrollment application status on our secure, confidential site at any time, from any internet connection around the world. Your information is secure and can only be accessed by you or people you trust, such as caregivers or relatives.
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If you have already completed the MyQuickApp Portal screening, please use the user name (email address) and password that will allow you to access your previous application information.
If you have received a link via email after a phone appointment with our SCF representatives, please follow the link in the email. If you did not receive the email or if the link has expired please call 907-729-7280 to have your account reset.
If you have forgotten your username, call 907-729-7280 to speak with an FHR Representative. Tell them you are having trouble logging into the MyQuickApp.